Cantieri dell'immaginario

PAN – Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli – via dei MIlle 60 – 29 July/11 September – free admission

Seven artists under 40 who measure themselves with a Naples poor in professional opportunities but rich in personal and collective experiences, a crossroads of different biographies, migrations, mutations and circular paths that too often remain submerged. Seven heterogeneous paths but all out of the chorus, outside or on the margins of the system and the art market. Seven engaging artistic trajectories, territories not (yet) traced in the metropolitan imagination.

Artists take part in the exhibition:


Marco Chiuchiarelli (Napoli 1975). Researcher of ancient painting techniques, passionate scholar of drawing and anatomy, constantly interested in the study of philosophy, esotericism and religions, he pursues his pictorial research finding its roots in the workshops of the ‚400 and ‚500 in order to return to the pictorial material that value of gushing flesh and blood; an alchemical vision of painting and consequently of life itself. He lives and works in Naples.

Ewa Mazur – Koj (Tarnowskie Gory 1977). Graduated in graphic design in Katowice. „I can’t find a linear path in my painting and its themes, any more than I can find it in my life. My works represent the search for myself and the purpose of existence and at the same time my awareness of existence. If I already knew the ending, this search wouldn’t make sense.“ Naples is one of the key cities of shes life. She  lives and work in Germany.

Tomasso Moscarelli (Napoli 1975). His production includes two main strands: large canvases in acrylic or mixed media close to the galaxy of the Informal, and drawings in which landscapes come to life that, abstract and labyrinthine to an overall look, observed with the zoom reserve incredible surprises, for the autonomous life of every minute detail. Especially the latter are representative of his path: pieces of a complex mosaic, elements of a map of unknown and familiar universes, in which the organic and the inorganic, nature and machines merge, or rather combine, creating worlds and describing them with

conscious precision, depth, irony, drawing constellations of unexpected meaning, suggesting different emotions and interpretations.


Monika Natalia Mazur (Pinczow / Poland 1979) In 2010 she graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. The work on colors translates into living flesh and soft transitions of light the crystallized instant in which the expression is deformed. In other compositions the utopia of bodies is measured in the deception of the gaze, which superimposes oneself on the knowledge of others, while leaving an empty, unknown, attractive or perhaps frightening space between the image sought and our reflected image.

Vincenzo Del Vecchio (Videl – Caserta 1989) A great passion for drawing and studies in architecture have given life to works that seek the fusion between traditional techniques and strongly geometric compositions, synthesizing three-dimensional shapes. Continuously inspired in the search for his own language by the great classics of art and literature.

The reality too complex and stratified, full of images and information, is synthesized and recomposed, in the works of Vincenzo Del Vecchio, through a visionary and geometric development. He lives in Naples.

Maria Porro (Torre del Greco 1985) Attended the Academy of Fine Arts and at the same time the Italian School of Comix in the field of illustration ..
A life spent in an attempt to express by means of a figural synthesis the complexity of human depths and in reaching a mature technical level in the greatest number of variations in the sphere of the two-dimensional, ranging from pastel, collage, oil, watercolor, to acrylic, with a taste of purely figurative matrix.

Simona Mostrato (Naples 1976) attended the fashion academy graduating in fashion. For a year she worked in Rome in an atelier. Later she decided to leave the job following shis pictorial path, studying five years with a master. Simona is born in the city of Vesuvius and nourishes heart, mind and spirit with the emotions radiated by this sleeping exterminator. It absorbs its irrepressible explosiveness, mixing it with its innate alacrity. A not easy childhood covers her with an armor that has the hardness of lava and perhaps even the fragility of a crystal. All this, combined with a great artistic sensitivity, Simona Mostrato transfers it into her painting that is often full of tenderness and other times raw, extroverted, unscrupulous.